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Alego Health is one of the nation’s premier full-service Healthcare IT Solutions and Services Providers. Specializing in top-level Healthcare IT/EMR Consulting, Implementation & Support Services, IT Services, Staff Augmentation, Imaging Services, and Human Resource Services.  Our team is adept at working with healthcare organizations of all sizes to advance the continuum of patient care through the adoption of technology. With a trusted network of Clinical & IT Professionals we are experts in healthcare information systems and the clinicians who use them. Our expertise and experience within HIT and EMR platforms is proven to achieve consistently higher rates of end-user adoption.

What sets Alego apart?


A strong commitment to a customer-centric approach:  As a premier provider of healthcare IT consulting, implementation and support services, Alego experts strive to provide customized solutions and services tailored to your specific organizational needs. Our hands-on approach offers elbow-to-elbow support to guide you through the lifecycle of your healthcare IT project.

Our dedication to improved patient outcomes through the use of technology:  Our clinically-trained experts specialize in HIT solutions implementation and training, as well as healthcare industry staffing. This winning combination means we understand your operational pain points at a granular level — from workflow bottlenecks to concern for patient safety. The over-arching goal is to help you advance the continuum of patient care through the adoption of technology.

We recruit the “right people”:  Alego has achieved great success through one of our unique methodology techniques— teaching IT skills to healthcare professionals and placing expert clinically trained HIT consultants into our projects, rather than placing traditional IT resources into projects that are centered around patient care environments. For projects that require one-to-one interaction with your clinical end-users, our clinical end-user support staff members fully understand the daily challenges you face which enables them to build real-world solutions through experience.

Alego Health is a full service Healthcare IT Services and Solutions Company: Alego offers a full line of healthcare IT solutions and services. This creates an opportunity for your organization to fulfill all your IT & EMR needs, while reducing the amount of vendors you have to manage.  Our proven solutions have reduced costs and helped our clients achieve meaningful use standards through our dedication to: customer service; resource selection; continuing education; technology advancements; and value added services.


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