The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) requires all healthcare organizations to use electronic medical records (EMR) by 2015. If this mandate is ignored, substantial penalties will ensue.

Even with the inevitable transition from paper to EMR, skeptics – both patients and doctors alike – still linger. They remain concerned with patient confidentiality violations, including:

  • Inappropriate access to confidential patient information
  • Authorized users violating appropriate use conditions
  • Authorized user accounts inadvertently left open, and a passerby views patient data on the screen
  • Breaches in network security, allowing internet hackers to gain access to patient records

Alego’s EMR security management solution protects your EMR solution in two ways:

  • Secures data within the system with encrypted protection
  • Safeguards the system from outside forces through features like biometric log-in clearances for authorized users

We can work with your organization to implement the best EMR security management system and integrate comprehensive process guidelines, empowering you to provide superior confidentiality and privacy solutions to your patients.

Ensure your healthcare organization implements strong security measures to protect your patients’ confidentiality.  Find out how by contacting Alego Health at