Alego Health knows that every medical provider or facility has specific workflow processes as well as methods for handling patients. When a new healthcare technology system is being deployed, it’s important that the project manager, as well as the provider and medical staff are on the same page. That is why we offer training programs customized to the distinct needs of your resident healthcare provider.

We offer the following to cater to the nuances of your organization:

  • Elbow-to-elbow training and subsequent support, providing one-on-one attention during an EMR optimization
  • A main point of contact throughout the lifecycle of the HIT project, up to activation
  • Identification and training of the right people to work with the unique needs of your healthcare provider(s)

When Alego’s team and your team can effectively work together, your facility will realize the following results:

  • Faster learning curve
  • Smooth system integration and transition
  • Enhanced understanding of the new software
  • Improved continuum of patient care

To find out how Alego Health can help your organization streamline healthcare IT processes and improve patient care through modern technology, please contact us at