Change is tough, and when your employees have worked on the same “old” healthcare technology  system for years, switching to a new software system could seem intimidating. So it’s essential that you first properly prepare your staff by providing thorough training initiatives.

The training consultants at Alego Health work closely with your organization’s clinical analysts and training teams to gain a deep understanding of the new workflow processes and build a custom curriculum that is unique to your needs.  They understand the importance of user adoption to the success of healthcare technology optimization, so they make sure the training plan will fit your business culture.

Alego Health can provide customized training, depending on the size of your facility:

  • For smaller offices and medical facilities, we will customize smaller group settings and diagnose individual needs to better prepare your staff for implementation.
  • For larger medical facilities and health systems, our consultants will work with your training team to design a plan that will take into account time, super-user groups, cost, and effective learning techniques.

Our experienced training support staff helps you deploy effective training schedules, provides simplified training materials to enhance the end-user experience, and offers instruction and resources for future reference.

In turn, your organization will gain efficiency, speed up the learning curve as well as limit downtime throughout the entire implementation process. Our supported technologies lead to improved adoption rates and patient outcomes.

To find out how Alego Health can help your organization streamline healthcare IT processes and improve patient care through modern technology, please contact us at