With multiple breaches in healthcare organizations across the United States and FBI warnings on the vulnerabilities that healthcare organizations may have, IT Security Management is at the top of many executive healthcare leaders to-do lists.  Alego Health has partnered with the IT security leader, Fortinet to provide our clients industry leading products, solutions, and services that will protect your organization from the daily risks of the current IT landscape.

Alego leverages the power of the Fortinet Security Fabric approach.  The Fortinet Security Fabric is the first architectural approach to security designed to dynamically adapt to the evolving IT infrastructure.  It intelligently and transparently segments the customer’s network, from endpoint to the cloud, to provide advanced protection against sophisticated threats. Each security element in the fabric is also aware of each other, allowing them to share policy, threat intelligence, and application flow information.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is the vision that delivers on the promise of Security without Compromise: Broad, Powerful and Automated