Prescription Refills at Sky Pharmacy

When you require a refill of your prescription, please contact your customer support service. There is no necessity to contact your physician. Your pharmacy will guarantee to refill your order if your prescription is still valid. If not- it is necessary to renew it by visiting your doctor again.Refill Your Prescription with Sky Pharmacy

Other tips

There are other possible ways to refill your order which may be recommended if you cooperate with other services:

  • your physician may send a fax with your prescription to the pharmacy office. If you get a prescription in a written form in a clinic but have no possibility to send to the online pharmacy you are welcome to ask your physician to do it.
  • your refills are still available at your pharmacy. Call them for a refill and they will do it. If required, let them assess your profile. If your profile has not contained your orders they should address your clinic to contact your physician for getting a valid prescription.