PHR Integration

As part of Meaningful Use 2, healthcare organizations have been mandated to integrate personal health records (PHRs) into their operational processes. PHRs enhance communication and between medical staff and patients — providing patients with a more meaningful and educational method to access their medical information — so that they can make more informed decisions concerning their healthcare.

However, from an organizational standpoint, integrating a robust PHR solution can be a daunting task. It needs to work seamlessly with your current software systems – so that your staff can do their job with little downtime, as to not interrupt the continuum of patient care.

That’s where Alego Health can help.

Alego’s PHR services and solutions team:

  • Works with your team to analyze your organization’s specific needs
  • Creates a timely, detailed and economical PHR integration project plan
  • Helps you select and develop a PHR solution that fits your organization
  • Integrates and implements the system
  • Provides training, patient education and patient enrollment services
  • Works with any PHR system

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