Alego, HIMSS Partner to Develop Innovation Center

From the very beginning less than two years ago, the HIMSS Innovation Center has been a marquee venue for organizations “wishing to build their brands and market their health IT-related services both locally and globally.” Since the beginning, Alego Health has worked with HIMSS to help bring collaborators and health IT organization to the center and to Cleveland, where we are based, in an effort to encourage our colleagues and the whole industry forward to tackle some of the greatest healthcare challenges of our time.

In just two years, we and nearly two dozen other organizational collaborators, have established a presence at the 30,000-foot facility located on Cleveland’s lakefront. Through this partnership, and attracted also by the HIMSS Innovation Center presence on the 4th floor of the Global Center for Health Innovation, collaborators have dedicated exhibition space and other benefits relating to the use of the facility and participation in HIMSS events.

Alego Health is one of only a few, select groups who help found the effort.

We advocated for the establishment of the HIMSS Innovation Center as a natural fit with the Global Center for Health Innovation next door. Because of our partnership with the HIMSS Innovation Center we can showcase our services during events and through presentations to customers, interview candidates for employment during recruitment events at the center, and conduct training programs for employees and partners there.

Our interactive exhibit at the HIMSS Innovation Center includes six iPads and two InTouch screens, through which individuals can learn more about Alego Health and the work we do in healthcare, serving hospitals and healthcare organizations across the United States.

As one of the nation’s premier full-service health IT providers, Alego Health sees its presence at the HIMSS Innovation Center as key to our brand and market positioning, of course, but also to our work with healthcare organizations of all sizes to advance the continuum of patient care through the adoption of technology. By being part of this effort, we believe we are better equipped to help take on some of the most pressing issues our colleagues in healthcare try to tackle every day.

We’re not alone in our efforts, of course. HIMSS Innovation Center Founding collaborators include Federal Health Architecture,, and MCPc. Industry collaborators are CareFusion, Cleveland Clinic Innovations, Fujitsu, IHE USA ICSA Labs, Netscout Systems and OnX Enterprise Solutions. Supporting collaborators are Calfee, Halter and Griswold LLP, CDW Healthcare, Cardinal Health, Direct Consulting Associates, John Carroll University, Juniper Networks, ScriptPro, Sectra, and Total Voice Technologies.

“Many organizations are inquiring about reserving space at the HIMSS Innovation Center,” said John Paganini, HIMSS senior manager of interoperability initiatives. “There are increasing opportunities to create awareness as events are added and the Global Center for Health Innovation continues to become the premier destination for healthcare professionals.”

We know there’s more to it, though, than advancing only our objectives. HIMSS Innovation Center collaborators also gain visibility among healthcare organizations searching for interoperability solutions, as the center hosts and works virtually with organizations wishing to take advantage of the new HIMSS Interoperability Services program. The HIMSS Interoperability Services program provides a road map to both vendors and providers seeking interoperability and facilitates access to testing tools, resources and subject matter experts. The center facilitates physical and virtual interoperability testing for health IT product vendors, healthcare providers and health information exchanges.

Finally, as the effort continues to growth, so will the number of and the importance of events that call the center home. As was the plan from the start, the innovation center features state-of-the-art conference and educational facilities where it has already hosted more than 190 events with more than 9,000 attendees since opening in October 2013. Organizations having used the facility for meetings include Apple, Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN), Bernstein, Cleveland Clinic, GE Healthcare, HIMSS North America and various HIMSS chapters, Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE), John Carroll University, Johnson Controls, Metro Health, PartsSource, Philips, Republican National Convention, University Hospitals Health System and Verizon. There are too many others to name, and so many more to come!

While we continue to be proud of the work we do and the healthcare clients we serve, there’s a special place in our hearts here at Alego Health for what we are helping build in partnership with HIMSS at the HIMSS Innovation Center. If you’re able to, join us here in the effort or at a future event. Or, if you’re excited about the future of healthcare and want to be part of its innovation, help spread the word about what’s taking place here in Cleveland or contact us. We’re glad to help you innovate healthcare.

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