From patient registration to discharge, there are a lot of processes that need managed and streamlined during an implementation of any new software or hardware for healthcare organizations. Many times, staff at the registration desk don’t “speak the same language” as the clinicians or providers handling patients.  So the roll-out of a new system can be tricky, especially when departments in healthcare facilities are so unique and have different priorities.

That’s where an experienced project manager can step in — to provide objective recommendations, bring departments together and to do the heavy lifting for the implementation of new software and hardware — so your staff can focus on patient care, not IT issues.

Alego Health offers a staff of experienced project managers at all expertise levels, depending on the level of your needs. They provide much-needed leadership and know-how to demonstrate what your optimized technology can actually do to increase efficiency in your workflow processes.  In the end, they can guide your staff to more efficient use of technology in order to provide improved patient care.

Finding the right project manager to fit into your business culture is key, and here’s what you can expect from Alego:

  • Staff augmentation management
  • Project managers at all levels of expertise
  • High-level project managers with PMP credentials
  • Customized implementation programs to fit your budget
  • End-user training development and delivery

It’s important to note that Alego’s full-service project managers are available for any length of stay. Our project managers and consultants can be placed at your facility at any point in your process.

To find out how Alego Health can help your organization streamline healthcare IT processes and improve patient care through modern technology, please contact us at