Are you currently working toward Meaningful Use status?  Do you need guidance on where to start or how to move forward? Are you leaving money on the table because you believe you can’t meet the imposing deadlines? Alego Health’s Meaningful Use teams can help your organization get back on track or even get your MU initiatives started.

Current Meaningful Use incentive payments available to individual eligible healthcare professionals include:

  • CMS: up to $27 billion
  • Medicare: up to $44 thousand
  • Medicaid: over $63 thousand

Your facility can receive these incentive payments only if they can prove the “meaningful use” of certified EMR technology. In order for providers to show they are “meaningfully using” their systems, they must meet specific government-set benchmarks that range from recording patient information as structured data to exchanging summary care records to instituting patient health record portals.

How will you know if you qualify?

Alego Health’s Meaningful Use Analysis Consultants can evaluate your current system and gauge whether or not it meets Meaningful Use required specifications.  With their field experience and specific program knowledge, Alego’s team can interpret your data to accomplish the following:

  • Identify pain points within your organization that could impact Meaningful Use qualification
  • Build an action plan to overcome those challenges and guide your facility toward Meaningful Use requirements
  • Execute the plan and provide support/training

In the long run, your organization will not only receive the Meaningful Use Incentive payments, but will also:

  • Improve quality, safety and efficiency
  • Enhance engagement with patients and their families
  • Improve care coordination and public health
  • Maintain privacy and security of patient health information
  • Meet requirements to avoid Medicare/Medicaid penalties

Don’t miss out on the substantial monetary awards that are available and avoid penalties. Let Alego Health help your organization meet these qualifications for the Meaningful Use. Contact us today at